Astypalea Villas

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Astypalea, one of the most beautiful Aegean islands with an impressive natural environment ranging from hidden stalagmite and stalactite caves, high hills with spectacular views to natural all-blue bays and wonderful beaches. For the ancients it was the “table of Gods” and “ichthioesa” for its rich fishing grounds.

The island has been constantly inhabited since thousands of years and boasts of a variety of important archaeological finds, such as an aqueduct, an ancient infantile cemetery and a treasure of important ancient objects and items and as a result the whole has been given the characterization of an archaeological site.

Chora is the largest village ranging from the Pera Gialos – the natural harbor – to the hill and it’s beautiful and imposing Castle. In the center of Chora, one can find the central plaza with the picturesque wind mills. Houses are all white following the local traditional ways and following the small walkthroughs in the village one can find many small churches and sites, always having in the background the stunning view of the sea.

In a distance less than 800 metres from the center, the road leads to Livadi, a fantastic area where the white village houses are engulfed by plants and trees. It is here that one can find the largest from all the beautiful beaches of the island, as well as taverns, cafes but a few metres from the waves! Just further are the beaches of Ai Vasilis, Agios Kostantinos, Janaki etc. From here, the main road leads to the green village of Maltezana with picturesque beaches and taverns. Very near from here is the airport and the port of Agios Andreas.

The island is easily accessible either by sea, from the ports of Piraeus, Rhodes and Kalymnos, or by air, from Athens, Rhodes, Kos and Leros. Inland transport Is available by bus, taxi or rented cars, bikes and bicycles.